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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

The Goshawks are missing! Two pairs are missing!!

Around us we, normally, have two pairs of goshawks nesting and at this time of year we can normally hear them calling: 'gek gek gek gek gek'. But not this year. They have been silent all year. Goshawks are protected with only about 400 pairs in the UK.

They are magnificent large bruisers of birds, but very elusive and normally seen on the tail of a sparrowhawk. We were so lucky last year that a pair kept sitting in one of the trees at the top of our garden.

Strange, or coincidence: they disappeared around about the same time we had notice of tree felling that would be taking place later this year; including an area that one pair would normally nest in ...

Radnor Forest.  Goswhawks
Goshawk (Photo courtesy of the Woodland Trust)

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