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Due to increased costs in packaging and delivery, coupled with courier problems, we have taken the decision to suspend mail order deliveries.  The good news is we can be found at the local markets and of course, collection is always available.  Thank you

'Why should I buy your meat when I can go to my local supermarket and get it cheaper?'

Good question and here is the answer:

Hogget & Mutton
  We are a very small concern and farm extensively; it is 'slow food' with a very low carbon footprint compared to large intensive commercial concerns.  We lamb at the traditional time of year: March/April just as the spring grass is starting to come through.  This sweet nutritious grass helps the lambs grow as nature intended.  It also produces rich milk for the ewes to feed the lambs.  Once the grass comes through the ewes forget about the hay, as they know 'grass is best'.  Our lambs are not fed concentrates, just their mothers' milk and then naturally go on to eat grass. 
Our sheep live out in the field all year round, they are only brought into the barns in the extremes of weather - Beast of the East 2018 being one example.  Therefore the flavour from our hogget and mutton tends to be more intense.  Over winter they are fed hay from local organic hay meadows.  
Our pregnant ewes are fed supplements to maintain their body condition which in turn helps the unborn lamb develop.  If the ewe burns off too much energy in growing the lamb, and the energy is not replaced, both the ewe and lamb can suffer.  So supplements are necessary along with the hay from organic hay meadows. Once the ewes have given birth they are brought into the barn to allow the lamb and ewe to bond and to get to know each other, known as 'mothering up'.
All our sheep have access to mineral blocks and salt licks.  Due to the soil around the Welsh Marches being deficient in some vital minerals we give all our sheep a 'drench' or drink of minerals every 6 weeks.
All our sheep are vaccinated yearly against diseases, the adults just before lambing and the lambs at four then eight week old.  This is permitted even under the 'Organic raised produce' regime as the well being of the sheep is paramount thus avoids any animal suffering that could be caused without vaccination.
Our sheep are checked twice a day, by going into their fields and walking around them all.  This helps them get to know us and keeps them friendly especially if we happen to have any feed or biscuits in our pockets!  Any lameness or illnesses are quickly spotted and dealt with immediately. 

By buying our produce you help the environment due to its low carbon footprint as its only mileage will be the journey from us to you: considerably less than from elsewhere around the globe.  You are getting a product that has eaten what nature intended; has been well looked after, with its own private health scheme; it has not been pumped full of water, antibiotics or hormones.  It is a wholesome product which has intense flavour and is good for you. 
Yes, Lamb, Hogget and Mutton is good for you.  It contains Vitamin B12. 

Vitamin B12 is vital for red blood cell production.  Red blood cells help carry oxygen around your body.  Lack of vitamin B12 tends to mean you get tired as you lack red blood cells. It also helps to keep your nervous system functioning efficiently.  Vitamin B12 is only available in its natural form from animal products, hogget and mutton being one of those sources.

We buy in our pigs from reputable breeders and always get a rare breed.  This helps to ensure that rare breed animals are maintained within our countryside.  Our pigs have their own insulated ark; this prevents condensation dripping on them and prevents extremes of temperature within the ark.
They have free range over a large area of woodland where they can exhibit normal piggy behaviour of rooting and digging.  We have made a wallow for them, but they sometimes decide to create their own where they want!.  
Since the 2001 devastating Foot and Mouth outbreak it has been illegal to feed kitchen waste.
Our pigs love most fruit, especially strawberries, apples and bananas which we give them from our garden or buy specially for them being careful not to over feed them.
Our pigs are fed a strict amount of special pig feed split into three meals per day.  Like the sheep, this allows them to be regularly checked and any health issues are quickly spotted and dealt with.
Our pigs live a natural life and are with us for around 26-28 weeks.  By being extensively raised and allowed to root and eat the herbage of the forest, the meat develops an intense rich flavour with just the right amount of fat.
The pigs are very useful in clearing areas of brambles and scrub.  This in turn allows wild flowers and grasses to grow which increases biodiversity to the local area and smallholding by increasing different insects, bird-life and mammals.
By buying our pork you are again helping the environment due to the increased biodiversity created by our pigs rooting; again you are getting a high welfare product that behaves and feeds as nature intended.  Our pork has no added water, antibiotics or hormones. It is natural and it is good for you.

Pork is unique in that it contains more mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat (good fats) than saturated fat (bad fat).  So as part of a healthy diet it can help lower cholesterol
The welfare of our animals is of utmost importance to us and we believe we maintain the highest standards.
We hope you enjoy our produce
Please note that it is seasonal and may therefore not always be available.
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