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Hogget Joints, Burgers and chops are now available.

Hogget box: whole or 1/2 boxes available.

1/2 box contains: One shoulder halved; one leg halved;  one rolled half breast; 6 or 7 packs of paired chops; 2 rounds of neck; two packs of 4 lamb and mint burgers.

We do have individual joints and packs of chops available therefore please contact us regarding any order you wish to place.



We no longer offer lamb for sale as we have found our Jacob lambs do not grow quickly enough here in the hills of Radnorshire, compared to the warmer South of England.
We wish to to continue to offer grass fed produce  and did not wish to feed our lambs supplements to make them grow faster.  Therefore we offer Hogget.

Hogget is a male or female sheep that is between nine months and two or three years old.  Hogget has more depth of flavour than lamb.
Our hogs are grass fed with their hay coming from local organic hay meadows. They are fed supplements in the bitterness of winter for their wellbeing

Half Hogget box.jpg

Half box of Welsh Hogget

There is a minimum order of £15.00  + P&P for mail order.
Local delivery within 15 mile of the The Forest Smallholding may be possible for orders. Please contact us with your requirements.

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