Mutton: most people think this is tough and inedible.  Mutton has a complexity of deep flavours due to the age.  Mutton does require longer slower cooking, but the taste is worth the extra bit of care the meat demands..  We do both ewe mutton and wether mutton.

Mature ewe mutton has exceptional flavour which lamb has not had time to develop. Her lambs will either go into the flock as replacement ewes, go as hogget or wether mutton if a boy.

Wether mutton is a term applied to both male and female sheep normally between the ages of two and three.  But to keep it simple we use it to explain our castrated male sheep.

These are our boys who have grazed the lush grass and herbs in the valley without a care in the world. Like all our sheep, our boys are reared following organic principles, are free range and are reared extensively to ensure slow maturity.

Wether mutton is now quite rare due to the cost of rearing the sheep to this age that has basically had to do nothing for its keep!. However, it is an exceptional meat; it is much darker than lamb and has exquisite flavour.

Please contact us for availability and cuts required.

A leg of wether mutton with redcurrant glaze

Wether Mutton leg with Red Currant jelly glaze

As with our Lamb and Hogget, Mutton is available in whole or 1/2 boxes

Cuts of Mutton

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