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 Pork is now available

For 2023 we have , again, our most favourite of all the breeds we have had - The Gloucester Old Spots or GOS.

The Gloucestershire Old Spots are a hardy breed and live quite happily outside. Whilst they must have one clear spot there are no set numbers of spots and people have mixed views on how many they like with some opting for lots of spots whilst others for very few.

They were known as the Orchard Pig in the Berkley vale of Gloucestershire based on the fact, they lived quite happily outside amongst the orchards eating  the fallen apples.  It is believed their spots are bruises from where the apples fell onto them!                                                                                                                                                              


Rolled pork shoulder with apricot and ap

Rolled shoulder of free range pork with apricot and apple stuffing

We are now able to offer chops, joints  - leg and boned rolled shoulder; belly pork and sausages.  

Our Sausages are all made with natural casings; hog or sheep casing.  This gives a better eating experience and are easy to cut and bite through.

We do a variety of flavours including:
Traditional Pork,  Leek, Lincoln, Yorkshire, Cider, Chilli and Garlic, and The Great Brtish Banger which is very popular and sells out quickly.

We also have Gluten-free sausages in  Honey-roast and Lincoln flavours


There is a minimum order of £15.00  + P&P for mail order.Local delivery within 15 mile of the The Forest Smallholding may be possible for orders. Please contact us with your requirements.


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