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 Pork is now available

For 2021 we bought  Welsh weaners.
The Welsh pig is white and has  lop ears meeting at the tips just short of the pig's nose and unfortunately is known to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST).

The Welsh Pig can be traced back to an indigenous, white lop-eared breed kept in Wales for as long as records exist.
This long, lean, slow maturing pig was found throughout the southern and western counties of Wales.
The Welsh Pig Society was formed in 1922 to focus on improving the commercial attributes of the breed. The Welsh pig was crossed with the Landrace, which produced a quick growing lean pig.  This so called 'improved' pig lead was 
 identified by The Howitt Report (1955) as one of the three main breeds on which the modern pig industry should be based.
Due to this drive and hybridisation  the pure bred Welsh pig suffered and now appears on the RBST 'At Risk' list.



Rolled pork shoulder with apricot and ap

Rolled shoulder of free range pork with apricot and apple stuffing

We are now able to offer chops, joints  - leg and boned rolled shoulder; belly pork and sausages.  

Our Sausages are all made with natural casings; hog or sheep casing.  This gives a better eating experience and are easy to cut and bite through.

We do a variety of flavours including:
Traditional Pork,  Leek, Lincoln, Yorkshire, Cider, Chilli and Garlic, and The Great Brtish Banger which is very popular and sells out quickly.

We also have Gluten-free sausages in  Honey-roast and Lincoln flavours


There is a minimum order of £15.00  + P&P for mail order.Local delivery within 15 mile of the The Forest Smallholding may be possible for orders. Please contact us with your requirements.

New  weaners for 2022 coming soon