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If you go down to the woods today ...

The new arrivals to the Smallholding. Four Gloucester old Spots weaners.

They have come from a commercial herd, so are not use to people being to near them and wanting to touch them. After two days we now have tentative tummy rubs and back scratches, but they are not that interested in their feed or ark, so they are being tempted to eat using bananas as bait! It's starting to work. As they don't come running when they hear the feed bucket (all our others did it straight away) I think they will be staying in their temporary enclosure for another couple of days so they can get it straight in their mind this is where feed, water and bed is; then let loose into the rest of the area - an acre of woodland that needs clearing. Happy days. #rarebreedpigs #freerangepigs #gloucesteroldspot #thegoodlife #sustainablefood #smallholdinglife #smallholders #welshsmallholders #radnorforestwales

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