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Shorn (the) Sheep

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

A couple of weeks ago all the sheep were sheared. We could hear them saying 'thank goodness' 'about time' etc.

All are happy and went about their business in a cooler manner.

Yesterday saw them come back in to be sprayed against flies. We had to wait until he fleece has gained some length to allow the lotion to adhere to the fleece and permeate through. We started at 07:00 to beat the heat, which we just about managed. By 10:00 all had had a through check over to ensure there no problems with grazes that had not healed. One or two needed a quick squirt of antibiotic spray as a precaution; then all were zapped with the anti fly spray which lasts approximately 16 weeks. As we check them regularly then any problems will be addressed as required.

No pictures of this as too busy and too sweaty!

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