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The Swamp Field

The Swamp Field. This area floods, hence it's name. Unfortunately the previous owners wanted to feed their ponies in it so filled it with hardcore to help 'reduce' the flooding. They also started to cut down the mature sycanores; luckily they were stopped. We decided to work with nature and over the past three years we have planted: Alder, Downy birch, Rowan, Willows of all colours, and Black Poplar. The sycanores have been allowed to grow again. Pictures are not great, but hopefully gives you an idea if what we've been up to. #treesforlife #makespacefornature #woodlandcreation #woodland #ecofriendlyliving #sustainability #radnorforest #radnorforestwales #smallholdinglife #smallholders #welshsmallholders #smallholding #instagramsmallholder


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