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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Thistleing. What you do when you find thistles in your pasture meadows THAT SHOULD NOT BE THERE! Thistles that are not in the pasture meadows are welcome to stay. . Today launched the first day of the Thistleing Season. Four large bags of thistles achieved today. Thistles are not good for livestock as they can spread a virus called Orf. The sheep, when grazing, gets pricked around the muzzle; then another sheep also gets pricked by the same thistle; and so the Orf virus spread. It is highly contagious, but worse it can cross the species barrier so can affect humans as well. Its like a cold sore but a million times more painful, so i've been told. Working as organically as we can, chemicals are not used, so the only method available is digging them up. Keeps the fitness up. #thistles #sheep#goats #livestock #orf #smallholding #pastures #organicpastures #wildflowermeadows #haymeadows #organicmeadows #organicsmallholding #fitsmallholder

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