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'Trees Glorious Trees ...'

While i was away the OH has been very busy finishing clearing a very steep part of the holding. This has been an on-going job since we arrived nearly three years ago.The sheep do not tend to go up to this part as it is full of brambles, bracken and gorse. The brambles tend to catch the sheep so they get stuck; the gorse can prick little noses and cause a disease called Orf, which is also passed to humans; the bracken harbours ticks and the spores are believed to be carcinogenic.

But this week the turning point came when planting of trees could begin. Testing of soil, and placing the new trees strategically has meant we have been able to plant:

Oak, Hornbeam, Field maple, Large leaf lime, Small leaf lime, Bird Cherry, White Poplar, Wild service Tree, Horse Chestnut, Rowans, Silver Birch, Crab Apple, Spindle, Wayfairing tree, Guelder Rose, Scots pine and Junipers. Not forgetting the small Walnut that i bought with me from our previous property, grown from a nut. These will compliment the existing Hazel. Hawthorn and Elder and surrounding Conifers and Broadleaves (We already have Beech, Ash Sycamore etc in other areas}

It doesn't look much now, but give it a few years and it should be a lot different

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