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Why go to Africa when Africa can come to you ...

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

"Marmite! It's 31*C where you are! Are you mad?" Think, just a few weeks ago my old pygmy goats were back off to Africa in search of warmer and sunnier climes. No need to go now; therefore helping to reduce global warming; as Africa has come to Wales...

My mate, Marmite, my old pygmy nanny is the only one of the gang appearing to enjoy this heat. It obviously reminds her of her ancestral home of Africa. Bovril is in the shade, sensible boy. Rodney Kitten (9 years old, don't ask) seeks shelter in the stable block. All other felines have disappeared into the shade of the bushes in the lane. Pigs are dozing in the woods and the sheep are up the top of the fields under the trees where there is a noticeable breeze....

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